Pokemon Go is a game that combines real and virtual is currently storming the world when the new updated version.
Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic, a company known for titles style enhanced reality (Augmented Reality) for smartphones, called Ingress.

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How to play the Pokemon Go can be understood as follows: Players followed directions to a certain place and through smartphones to detect and then catch Pokémon by Pokeball similar to what the characters in the film, the game usually do .
Its difference is that the entire process of collecting, training and battling Pokémon's been happening in the real world now. Which means you can find a Pokémon right in his garden, capture it and bring competition to the park with friends. What a great game!

A difference and very novelty of Game Pokemon GO again it was outside feeding the Pokemon feature in the phone screen, the tablet, you can see as real communication.

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Pokemon Go

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