Pokemon Go is what? It is a virtual interactive games on Android and iOS smartphones developed by Niantic and scheduled for release in March 7/2016. The game allows players to catch, train and exchange of virtual Pokémon based on the real world.

How to play pokemon go

Start the game we will participate in the adventure into the world of Pokemon, and when you move to a location, then this place has in fact and this map is a different version of Google to merge with the game. Above you have information such as maps, character names, gym, PokeStops, the Pokemon appear around.
When you move the character in the game will also move in the exact location of the player based on the GPS system.
Also on display will display other information such as:
- Avatar: The character you
- Icon players: Top left corner of the screen, said information such as name, level. India chose to know the basic information of the character.
- Balo: contains items like Pokédex, drugs, Pokemon.
- Pokédex: Handbook information about the Pokémon you've collected.
- Pokemon Nearby: Located at the corner of the screen, this is where Pokemon announcement notes appear with the location you are standing.

Pokemon Go with official national team is quite similar to the other games. In this game there will be three main teams: Red Team (Pokemon Red), Green Team (Pokemon Blue), Team Gold (Pokémon Yellow). Kfy joining any team will not influence the course of play.

Images of Pokemon uncle has been with people spent a lot of years, but the appeal from this uncle always strong Pokemon. Currently in version Pokemon Go Pokemon we have 151 samples corresponding to 151 first-generation Pokemon.

Each area has its specific category matching Pokemon terrain there. So you should collect Pokemon favorite places in line with characteristics of each species.

Pokemon can appear anywhere on our way to collect these lovely animals. So you just open up the app and search for locations around each free time, so you're really involved in the Pokemon world and know.

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